You are not what you are because you were born when you were.
You were born when you were to potentially be what you are.

Learn all about the blueprint you created the moment you were born along with the roadmap ahead and the conditions you will meet in life.

Your personal unique Birth Chart will be created for the very specific day, time and place you were born. This chart will be a tool you will have as a resource for your journey. You have free will of course, but understanding your birth chart gives you the ability to use your energies to change your course should you choose or use them to meet your challenges in life.

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During a 45 minute Birth Chart Zoom session, we will discuss:

  • Your birth chart including the meaning and purpose of astrology and the explanation of your signs, planets and the houses in your chart. You will learn the basics so you can understand your chart and use it as a reference.
  • The focus of your journey – so you will understand why one area of your life is always so challenging and what the lesson needs to be. You’ll also gain insight as to why some things come so easy for you and how you can to use this to your advantage.
  • Your story, why you are here and what you are meant to accomplish. Your birth chart will give you answers and shed light on the road ahead.
  • Highlighted aspects of your chart for greater understanding of your personality in the outer world and your soul journey.
  • Potential challenges and roadblocks that may lie ahead.

A 45-minute Zoom session with Stacie is priced at $125.

Want to know what your current birth year brings? Solar Return readings detail the nature of your current birth year and uncovers the strengths and challenges to be met as well as important transits for event timing. The effects of your Solar Return start a few months before your next birthday so it’s a great time for this consultation.

Baby/Child birth chart consultations are also available. Learn the strengths, talents and challenges your child brought into this life and will meet on their journey. Help to bring out the best in your child and understand their personality and traits at a very young age.

You can purchase a gift certificate here.

At the moment of your birth, with your first breath, the vibrations manifested on that day and time at that particular spot on earth created the basic pattern that goes with you throughout your life. Your birth chart shows your potentials and tendencies.
~Isabel Hickey~