About Stacie Haller

For over ten years, Stacie has been enlightening those seeking to understand their birth charts with astrology consultations for deeper understanding of their lives. A student of astrology and spirituality for over 35 years, Stacie has great intuitive energy used to understand the planets and their influence in your life … and how to use the energies to work towards the life you want. Stacie’s friend and mentor, Amy Shapiro, is a protégé of Isabel Hickey. The teachings of Isabel Hickey, the founder of spiritual astrology, is the foundation of Stacie’s interpretations and readings. With a Masters in Counseling from NYU and a BS in Education, Stacie can translate and teach from your chart and help you to clearly understand the energies that work for you and those that need attention and why at different times, you feel the way you do. Stacie has studied with Lenore Canter and Anke Jung in NYC for many years and has spent her career dedicated to the help and advancement of those seeking to understand and better their lives. Her deep insights and healing energy can assist you in your journey to creating the life you are seeking.
Stacie currently lives in Boston with her beloved rescue pooch Izzy.

Stacie is the resident Astrologer on Speaking Spiritually with Sarah and shares her monthly horoscopes for all signs and rising signs the first Wednesday every month. Her monthly horoscopes are posted on her website.